Unique Features

Rehabilitation doesn't have to be boring.
These are some of our features which will keep you on your toes!


By doing games using Matti, the patient stays motivated and challanged. This way, rehabilitation is quicker and more fun.


Exercises can be easily addapted to your needs. Because of the high ammount of leds and pressure-sensors everything is possible!

Our Platform

We provide an easy-to-use platform to follow up patients, create exercises or learn from collegues.

Our Platform brings Endless Possibilities

The progress of all your patients can be followed easily. This makes it possible to adopt exercises and difficulty on your specific patient.
Cocreation is our most important value. We make it possible to create totally new exercises and even share them with collegues.
Our platform also provides information about new exercises and new possibilities. We want you to get everything out of Matti!

Matti, The first Tangible User Interface for Rehabilitation Therapy

Matti is the first Tangible User Interface for Rehabilitation Therapy. Matti can be used to play exergames customized to the needs and preferences of the patient.

We deliver

Matti + Creative Therapy Platform = magic

Creative Therapy Events

Matti has been presented on multiple occasions. Here you can find some shots of matti in action.


We're teamplayers. and we would love to thank the rest of our team!


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